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Bunch of Fives: The Job Centre’s Greatest Hits.

I was having a conversation yesterday with someone who worked for the Department of Work and Pensions. I say conversation, she treated it like some kind of high cult-like authority in which thir word was law. There seemed to be some utter confusion as to why I not only disliked, but downright resented their policies and behaviours. Now aside form the obvious tales buried in the shallow depths of i...[Read More]

Star Trek Online’s New Dawn

In the past year or so there have been several major upgrades to Star Trek Online, including raising the level cap, new seasons of content and much more including a number of new ships introduced in the game Their last major update saw the introduction – and end – of the Iconian War, the big event they were building up to since the game began that ended in what can be easily summed up as “Woops, o...[Read More]

A “staged arrangement”?

Interesting news piece going out today regarding a woman committing suicide after the death of her son began a path of bedroom tax payments and eventually eviction. A mum who faced eviction after her son committed suicide was found hanged, with a note to David Cameron nearby. Frances McCormack, a 53-year-old school cook, had been hounded for bedroom tax payments since the suicide of her 16-year-ol...[Read More]

Jessica Jones: Season 1 (2015)

With Marvel’s stock higher than ever, Netflix jumped on board introducing a gritty incarnation of Daredevil, showcasing the lawyer by day and superhero by night Matt Murdock in a much more further removed world than we’ve seen within the highly popular movie universe. Jessica Jones shares the same universe with Matt Murdoch, even the same city, but aside from the same Avengers hints it feels compl...[Read More]

If you can’t do something stupid…

A long long time ago in a three bedroomed house far away, a young impressionable chap sat down to write a story for his English assignment. It was a fantastic tale filled with action, adventure, mystery…. it was probably awful, but I was eight, so cut me some slack! The story was relatively simple; it was the tale of a ship, a Starfleet ship, who’s captain was faced with a crisis: He was lost. In ...[Read More]

Origins of Obsession

Thanks to the Wayback Machine I’ve been able to peek at some of the files I uploaded here in 2010. That was the year the RISE project went from a thing I’d scribble down when I was bored, to a full time distraction that spiralled out of control. And I found this quote… “I remember signing up with the promise of seeking out strange new worlds, boldly going where no one had gone before. It made me f...[Read More]

When Geeks Get Wed…

A while back (May 23rd 2013 according to Facebook…) on a lazy evening in front of Netflix, my other half and I channelled the Ferengi and began negotiating marriage. It wasn’t something we’d thought about before, it wasn’t anything we’d ever considered but in a quick conversation out of nowhere we figured that with everything we’d done and been through, getting wed was a logical step forward. Over...[Read More]

5 Moments that rocked SWA!

Making a quick impression on Scottish Wrestling fans, Whiplash stormed into SWA earlier this year and only a few months later, stood strong as the Scottish Heavyweight Champion! It was a huge moment that left the Govan crowd stunned and after the fierce determination Whiplash displayed in his short and successful journey to the title, we expect to see a new era ushered in under his control. Unsure...[Read More]

Foul Play; Shame on us!

When it comes to the champions in SWA, Adam Shame is one of the most successful men on the roster. At times he ca nlook lovable, friendly and he knows when to turn on the charm. But it’s wise not to be fooled by his smiles and cheers as underneath the exterior is a viscous, destructive monster of a man. A point he proves time and time again, with his latest acts of reckless violence tearing ...[Read More]

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