Foul Play; Shame on us!

When it comes to the champions in SWA, Adam Shame is one of the most successful men on the roster. At times he ca nlook lovable, friendly and he knows when to turn on the charm. But it’s wise not to be fooled by his smiles and cheers as underneath the exterior is a viscous, destructive monster of a man. A point he proves time and time again, with his latest acts of reckless violence tearing apart Eric Canyon.
For years Shame and Canyon have been bitter enemies but in 2011 they found themselves on the same side, representing the Originals as the founders of SWA. But it seemed that their alliance had once again taken a turn for the worse as PJ Murphy booked the two against each other in what became a vicious and callous match. But as they destroyed each other, all was not as it seemed…
Having grown up in the rough streets of Paisley, Shame knew how to handle himself at a young age and under the tutelage of NWA:UK’s training facility and some added refinement under Peter Murphy, he soon became one of the toughest men to beat in an SWA ring.
His first NWA Scottish title win was one oft he most celebrated moments in SWA’s history. In a struggle against Eric Canyon, Shame proved he was not only determined to climb through the ranks and become Scottish Champion, but that he was an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. His title reign only came to an end due to injury and as soon as he was healed and ready to go, his eyes were once again set on the title gaining him two more runs as Champion.
With new blood rising in SWA, Shame has watched a lot of young, new talent rise through the ranks forcing a competitive fight for the spotlight. Going back to his roots, Shame aligned himself with former friends and enemies to form the SWA Originals group in an effort to re-take the company for the old guard.
But on the run up to Rebirth Shamer seemed to relish in the fact he was battling Eric Canyon once again, making us think he has re-kindled his old love for putting on a show for the fans. but after his defeat in front of his home town, having the home crowd in the palm of his hands, it seemed Shame’s darker side becoming more devious tha we’d seen before as he made a challenge for the SWA tag championship… picking the man he had just decimated as his partner.
After teasing us all with turning his back on the Originals, Shame managed to play each and every one of us – showing he wasn’t just a physical force, but was slowly evolving into a devious and dangerous man that you’d be foolish to trust.

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