When Geeks Get Wed…

When Geeks Get Wed…

A while back (May 23rd 2013 according to Facebook…) on a lazy evening in front of Netflix, my other half and I channelled the Ferengi and began negotiating marriage. It wasn’t something we’d thought about before, it wasn’t anything we’d ever considered but in a quick conversation out of nowhere we figured that with everything we’d done and been through, getting wed was a logical step forward.

Over the past few years, since starting Pride I’ve become a bit of an introverted workaholic. Between the workload there, clients here at TPM and more recently my work with Starfleet Command who offered my the gig of Acting Director of Communications the night before – as well as the responsibilities of family life in general – the thought of more formality, shaking hands and holding a massive day of pretence and presentation felt a little bit wrong.

So we decided to drop the usual formal sit down dinners, ban people reading long declarations of happiness they found on google and generally tear down all the usual humdrum to do something fun.

I’m not usually the emotional type, but this past weekend was absolutely overwhelming. Not only being wed to the now officially Mrs Tyler, who I’ll point out didn’t just go along with the idea – but suggested the whole dress up wedding AND the Klingon dress! – but to have a huge chunk of people there who mean a lot to both of us, and who jumped into the spirit of things and joined the fun.

Never in my life did I imagine I’d be standing opposite a Klingon bride in full dress uniform (well almost, I had to keep my good boots on!) with Goose from Top Gun by my side, a whole host of Starfleet officers watching on with Wonder Woman and Clark Kent, She-Raw, the Van Houtens, Silent Bob, Princess Peach, an Elf, Lego and so much more I can’t squeeze in!….or that I’d be forever locked into marriage with an Academy class ring!

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming and this is a day that my concussion rattled memory won’t forget any time soon! Thanks are also due to Amazon Mandy who made Di’s stunning dress, David J Wilson who is an incredible photographer capturing the day, Alter-Ego’s DJ Scapegoat and of course to that brave soul who dared make those vows to be tied to this idiot forever!

There’s a few more photos on the Reformer/Daily Record site though for members of SFC I’ll see if I can squeeze in a full gallery in the members section (so if you’re not a member join up now!)

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