5 Moments that rocked SWA!

5 Moments that rocked SWA!

Making a quick impression on Scottish Wrestling fans, Whiplash stormed into SWA earlier this year and only a few months later, stood strong as the Scottish Heavyweight Champion! It was a huge moment that left the Govan crowd stunned and after the fierce determination Whiplash displayed in his short and successful journey to the title, we expect to see a new era ushered in under his control. Unsure what’ll happen next, we’ve decided to take a step back and look through our archives for other shocking moments that changed the face of SWA!

5. The Rebirth
Way back in 2004, SWA’s first night promised to crown a new Scottish Heavyweight Champion! Already having the crown in a promotion that had been liquidated, Conscience was a certainty to win the new NWA endorsed title and his long-time fans who had followed his dominant career in Scotland showed up in droves to see him become their champion once again.
But things turned sour in the tag match to crown a new champion. As it lookd like Con’s partner, Eric Canyon, was about to win the gold, the opposing duo of Adam Shame and Hatred stopped him in his tracks, decimating Canyon so that Conscience could cheat his way to victory. Starting a new reign, a new company and a new championship with an act that remains one of SWA’s most controversial moments.
4. Canyon Makes an Investment
A far cry from Canyon’s humble beginnings in SWA, Eric Canyon had walked way from wrestling after a shocking announcement at an SWA awards ceremony that led to his final match at the Gathering. But it seemed Canyon couldn’t walk away forever. When SWA was looking for an investor at the start of the recession, Canyon used his family inheritance to fund the organisation and got his foot back in the door! The power soon went to his head though as he collected a team of challengers to make sure his investment was worth the money by claiming ownership to the Scottish Champion; a task that proved too difficult which led to his eventual return to the ring.
3. The Tag Team Division is born!
Way back in 2005, SWA held a tournament to crown the first ever Tag Team champions. Brothers Glen and Grado Dunbar gained a win to the fans delight as they defeated the larger team of Shame and Hatred in the final and kick started a division that would see the nations finest compete to this very day!
However, for us what really kick started the division was the attraction the new belts gained. In a shocking twist, James Scott and Wolfgang – two men who are better known to this day despite their incredible singles careers, as the legendary tag team T2K! T2K were a young, but already famed team at that stage and when they jumped the barrier and stole the tag titles, all eyes were on the division as the battle for the belts spilled out across various promotions in Scotland!
2. The Gathering Begins
In a time when people claimed that British wrestling needed international imports to survive, the Gathering was born! In an event that featured British only, and mostly Scottish born, talent, SWA proved the world wrong. On a night that saw it’s fair share of controversy, including a non-SWA talent winning the Scottish title, the Gathering proved that Scotland could stand on it’s own two feet before Alex Salmond ever contemplated the concept!
1. The Rise of the Next Generation
With SWA already invested in the next generation of talent, we soon saw an uprising as one man led the way at the third Gathering. What’s now known as Source Wrestling was in it’s infancy, but even in the early days it showed that the next generation was capable of stealing the spotlight and in Kelvin Hall, Scott Renwick pushed the extra mile.
After being cheated out of his main event title shot by two wrestlers who were already seen as the ‘old guard’, Scott Renwick started his journey again that night after winning a brutal Money in the Bank scramble. When the bell sounded for the main event, Lionheart and Wolfgang were stunned to lock up only to hear Renwick’s music blasting through the arena. Cashing in his title shot the same night, Renwick made the match a three way dance!
Despite being bloodied and bruised from his harsh encounter earlier in the night, Renwick was able to get that winning pin to a standing ovation from the crowd – and the locker room – as he became the first of the ‘Source Generation’ to win the Scottish Championship.
Of course, things change and when that experience of being champion was ripped away from Renwick, he never got over the bitterness of that defeat. But despite Renwick losing the favour of the crowd, his actions that night paved the way for young stars like Andy Anderson and up and coming challengers such as Joe Coffey, Dickie Divers and many more!

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