A “staged arrangement”?

A “staged arrangement”?

Interesting news piece going out today regarding a woman committing suicide after the death of her son began a path of bedroom tax payments and eventually eviction.

A mum who faced eviction after her son committed suicide was found hanged, with a note to David Cameron nearby.

Frances McCormack, a 53-year-old school cook, had been hounded for bedroom tax payments since the suicide of her 16-year-old son Jack Allen in 2013, an inquest heard.

The handwritten note, dated 10 days before her death, was partially addressed to the Prime Minister and described the hardship the bedroom tax was causing.

Source: Metro

What’s really intrigued me is this part of the story…

Assistant Doncaster Coroner Mark Beresford said it was ‘unclear’ if she really intended to take her own life, or whether it was a ‘staged arrangement’ and she ‘intended to be discovered’.

‘The method was strikingly similar to that in which Jack ended his life,’ he said, ‘by which a powerful message could be sent, possibly to the authority dealing with her eviction, providing Ms McCormack with persuasive ammunition.’

Changes like this, including drastic changes within the benefits system which as been very quietly documented outwith the mainstream media, have resulted in a lot of hardship, delving further into poverty and many suicidal results.

I find it rather intriguing that their first response is essentially “She was just looking for a bit of attention. It wasn’t serious.”

Whether she was right or wrong to come to the conclusion to end her life, or whether you agree or not that she had to follow the rules no matter how they effected her, there’s something incredibly warped with the idea that someone, anyone, putting a noose around their neck can be downplayed.

Not quite as bad as the case of a suicide due to housing benefit being withdrawn brushed aside as an admin error that wasn’t their responsibility, but pretty shocking to see how easily things are brushed aside for the good of PR.

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