If I could not be serious for a minute…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for SWA Online and it seems that life has been busier than I’d hoped it’d be. This year, aside from working alongside SWA, a few projects have been fired my way which have kept me entertained and rather pre-occupied. One of the most exciting for me is the Day Job Project which is almost ready to close it’s first chapter. The first major ...[Read More]

Beefcake Bruce learns the ropes at Area 52 on STV's The Hour

With the SWA Stars preparing for our Bridgeton event on October 23rd, a few stars in training for the event found themselves grappling with a special guest when the Machine found himself grappling against ‘Beefcake’ Bruce Devlin. In a visit to SWA’s Area 52 training facility Bruce Devlin, the acclaimed Scottish comedian known for his sharp wit causing riotous laugher across the c...[Read More]

Fight Songs; The best of SWA's entrance music!

To newcomers it’s the first thing they learn about any wrestler and for the regulars it’s a sign telling them who’s out the curtain next. Either way, the music sets the tone for any wrestler who walks to the ring. The right music can help the mood, it can prepare the athlete for the task ahead and can perfectly symbolise who’s coming through the curtain. But who’s is ...[Read More]

The Author.

Departing from my usual SWA observations, or shameless plugging of Falcon and Junior, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on another interest of mine outwith the world of wrestling. Theater. During Edinburgh Festival I headed through with actor Rob Drummond to take a look at one of the best plays being performed there this year, one of the most psychological plays I’ve seen which will li...[Read More]

In the pale moonlight.

Before I say anything here, I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook and twitter who stepped forward to be a part of our test group for the new Fan Access/News and Features section of SWA Online. We had an overwhelming response with our test group giving some wonderful feedback that’s helping us put the final tweaks in place to launch the new look on Saturday. The site really does rely o...[Read More]

Sourcelight Extra: Andy Anderson.

In October last year we saw a surge of new talent rising through the ranks of Source. Among these new talents, we’ve seen new stars rising such as Mark Sweeney who has gone on to main event in front of his home crowd, and veterans of SWA open a new chapter of their careers such as Glen Dunbar who has brought a new attitude to his run. One young man turned heads instantly when he made his deb...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 12

The actions been heating up in SWA this month with the British tournament getting more competitive every show and spilling into After Hours and Source as well as SWA. With one title being reborn and others gaining momentum, the roster is ready to pick each other off one by one as management sets them against each other. But hey! It makes my life easier as by seeing the action as it happens, I know...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 11

Awright, I’ve been told I’m getting edited from now on so I cannae get every word that isn’t English through the word filter. Considering I write how I speak, it’s going to be a nightmare for our editors but I hope you non-Scots reading will be able to understand me now. So on with the list. I’ve only seen one show through the winter break SWA’s had so this time...[Read More]

Star Trek (2009)

Way back in 2009 I was asked to go review Star Trek. Only problem was the review would be live on air, on national radio and I had about twenty minutes between the end credits starting and my segment, which was mostly spent trying to get to the BBC studio instead of absorbing the film. Since I didn’t get a chance to properly absorb what I’d just seen into a ten minute segment, I wrote this. Then l...[Read More]

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