Star Trek Online’s New Dawn

Star Trek Online’s New Dawn

In the past year or so there have been several major upgrades to Star Trek Online, including raising the level cap, new seasons of content and much more including a number of new ships introduced in the game

Their last major update saw the introduction – and end – of the Iconian War, the big event they were building up to since the game began that ended in what can be easily summed up as “Woops, our bad!” after the final chapter saw Tasha Yar’s illogically misguided Sela travel back in time and steal some stuff to start the war, meaning after vowing to destroy the Iconians, all we had to do was hand it back to them, shake hands and have a party with Harry Kim.

I may be over simplifying it there. But it felt like even the developers were absolutely fed up with writing this arc and just went with whatever conclusion they could. But with a new season and a new core story, I was excited to see what they had in store with a clean slate to start from.

Countdown: Pre-Launch giveaway

Every new season update begins with a batch of free items. Sometimes you can get a rare gem, but usually it’s just PWE getting rid of whatever items don’t sell very well. But it’s premium content given away for free, so you can’t complain really.

This time round I was pleasantly surprised as this time round they gave away some very useful items such as free extra inventory slots, specialisatio

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