Sourcelight; Next in line…

After the kick off After kick starting the wrestling year with a showcase of graduates from the Wrestling School, Source Wrestling’s first 2012 gig in Bridgeton gave the stage to some younger talents and showed us all that their futures are as bright as their colourful personalities! I sat back at Bridgeton and I watched the the selected talents form the school took their moment and ran with...[Read More]

Sourcelight; The man who went from rookie to Champion in under two years.

A couple of weeks shy of five years ago Source Wrestling (under a different name at the time for those who aren’t familiar with out history) had it’s first origins in Linwood, just down the road from our former training centre. In those five years a lot has changed and the entire brand has re-shaped itself in so many ways thanks to different leaders, creative minds and an overflow of some amazing ...[Read More]

Sourcelight: The Pride Tournament Expands

The Source Wrestling year is almost at an end and as we close the year in Clydebank, we’re closing with an addition the the Pride of Scotland tournament. Due to the suspension of Mark Anthony, I had to pull him from the tournament which left a gaping hole in the line up. We’re at the semi-finals stage and so far we have three men qualified due to Anthony being pulled for the tournament...[Read More]

Sourcelight: Black Samurai Junior

It seems like an age ago since Black Samurai Junior made his in-ring debut and since then he’s worked tirelessly to make a name for himself in both SWA and Source Wrestling. Having originally trained in the dojos in Japan, studying Karate and Jui Jitsu, Black Samurai joined the Area 52 training facility (now known as the Source Wrestling School) to fully learn the British style of wrestling....[Read More]

Sourcelight; Pride of Scotland

I was hoping to keep the surprise until tomorrow night but I’m breaking my rule and taking over Sourcelight to give away the big secret for Source’s trip to Bridgeton! With Source Wrestling many hosting shows throughout the year and with the Source Wrestling School bursting with talent ready to begin their careers within the Source enviroment and the wealth of established talent findin...[Read More]

Sourcelight; A Delectible Update!

Having been one half of the longest reigning tag team champions in SWA history, Dicky Divers is one of several SWA Stars to appear regularly for Source and has had a dazzling run so far in Source and the next chapter of his career is only just beginning! At the Gathering, Divers arrived ready to reclaim the tag titles after an upsetting loss to the Discos only for him to discover that his tag team...[Read More]

Sourcelight: The T-Division Challenge

In November, the Arches Theatre sponsored a huge gauntlet match to crown a new number-one contender to the T-Division Championship. On the night that Ricky Gibson gained his rematch after losing the title to Glen Dunbar, the stars of Source tore each other apart to become the next challenger and while Dunbar retained, a new challenger was crowned. In a match that featured Nathan Black, Damien O...[Read More]

Sourcelight Extra: Andy Anderson.

In October last year we saw a surge of new talent rising through the ranks of Source. Among these new talents, we’ve seen new stars rising such as Mark Sweeney who has gone on to main event in front of his home crowd, and veterans of SWA open a new chapter of their careers such as Glen Dunbar who has brought a new attitude to his run. One young man turned heads instantly when he made his deb...[Read More]

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