Wrestling versus Theatre

Over the years we’ve seen the stars of SWA take interesting side projects or take new steps in their career outwith the ring. From SWA co-owner Peter Murphy’s stint on Iron Chef, sharing his passion of cooking, to his business partner Mike Connell’s revived passion for acting which has seen him perform in Coventry’s Priory theatre, to Adam Shame make appearances for SudoQ, ...[Read More]

If I could not be serious for a minute…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for SWA Online and it seems that life has been busier than I’d hoped it’d be. This year, aside from working alongside SWA, a few projects have been fired my way which have kept me entertained and rather pre-occupied. One of the most exciting for me is the Day Job Project which is almost ready to close it’s first chapter. The first major ...[Read More]

In the pale moonlight.

Before I say anything here, I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook and twitter who stepped forward to be a part of our test group for the new Fan Access/News and Features section of SWA Online. We had an overwhelming response with our test group giving some wonderful feedback that’s helping us put the final tweaks in place to launch the new look on Saturday. The site really does rely o...[Read More]

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