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5 Moments that rocked SWA!

Making a quick impression on Scottish Wrestling fans, Whiplash stormed into SWA earlier this year and only a few months later, stood strong as the Scottish Heavyweight Champion! It was a huge moment that left the Govan crowd stunned and after the fierce determination Whiplash displayed in his short and successful journey to the title, we expect to see a new era ushered in under his control. Unsure...[Read More]

Six of the Best; Volume 26

It’s been a crazy time of late and at Point of Origin we saw a few surprises that shook the foundations of SWA to it’s core. Now we’re spinning towards the 100th show in Motherwell, it looks like we’ll be ending the year on a high! So as we gear up for the years end, lets take a look at my picks for this months magic six! 6. Falcon Gaining a win over the teen Source sensati...[Read More]

Foul Play; Falcon

In the world of SWA there was one man who the fans could always get behind no matter what, but at Clan Wars Falcon went from hero to turncoat as he walked out of his partnership with Black Samurai Junior and joined the Originals. This may not shock long time SWA fans. Back in the day Falcon found fame as part of the A-List alongside Wolfgang, Darkside and BT Gunn. Co-founded with ally, and now Sou...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 21.

Yowza! What a night Battlezone was! Huge tag team action with BMW and T2K both reuniting for separate tag matches, an impressive womens match between SWA’s Sara and Source’s Kirsty Love and lets not forget Adam Shame being forced to fight in Eric Canyon’s corner! With the show over and the dust settled, I’ve been given the honour of kicking off this new style Fan Access wit...[Read More]

Don't you know who I am?

Ladies and gentleman, fans of the Alliance, lend me your ears. Take a note of that as these are the only manners that i care to fashion you with, or for that matter you all deserve. Last Saturday night, I achieved my dream. I stood on the biggest stage in Scottish wrestling as a champion. As YOUR T-Division champion(a fact that you all constantly seem to forget). What should have been my crowning ...[Read More]

Sourcelight: The T-Division Challenge

In November, the Arches Theatre sponsored a huge gauntlet match to crown a new number-one contender to the T-Division Championship. On the night that Ricky Gibson gained his rematch after losing the title to Glen Dunbar, the stars of Source tore each other apart to become the next challenger and while Dunbar retained, a new challenger was crowned. In a match that featured Nathan Black, Damien O...[Read More]

Beefcake Bruce learns the ropes at Area 52 on STV's The Hour

With the SWA Stars preparing for our Bridgeton event on October 23rd, a few stars in training for the event found themselves grappling with a special guest when the Machine found himself grappling against ‘Beefcake’ Bruce Devlin. In a visit to SWA’s Area 52 training facility Bruce Devlin, the acclaimed Scottish comedian known for his sharp wit causing riotous laugher across the c...[Read More]

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