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5 Moments that rocked SWA!

Making a quick impression on Scottish Wrestling fans, Whiplash stormed into SWA earlier this year and only a few months later, stood strong as the Scottish Heavyweight Champion! It was a huge moment that left the Govan crowd stunned and after the fierce determination Whiplash displayed in his short and successful journey to the title, we expect to see a new era ushered in under his control. Unsure...[Read More]

A Cut Above – Shifting Focus.

It’s been about 10 months since I last felt the need to voice my thoughts in the form of a blog, and in that time, a lot has happened for everyone’s favourite SWA Superstar. Firstly, my project to take on a protégé and do my best to elevate him to my level provided mixed results.  Now obviously Joseph Kerr was never going to be on the same level as ol’ Ceej, but he did his best to try and emulate ...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 21.

Yowza! What a night Battlezone was! Huge tag team action with BMW and T2K both reuniting for separate tag matches, an impressive womens match between SWA’s Sara and Source’s Kirsty Love and lets not forget Adam Shame being forced to fight in Eric Canyon’s corner! With the show over and the dust settled, I’ve been given the honour of kicking off this new style Fan Access wit...[Read More]

In the pale moonlight.

Before I say anything here, I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook and twitter who stepped forward to be a part of our test group for the new Fan Access/News and Features section of SWA Online. We had an overwhelming response with our test group giving some wonderful feedback that’s helping us put the final tweaks in place to launch the new look on Saturday. The site really does rely o...[Read More]

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