dicky divers

A Cut Above – Shifting Focus.

It’s been about 10 months since I last felt the need to voice my thoughts in the form of a blog, and in that time, a lot has happened for everyone’s favourite SWA Superstar. Firstly, my project to take on a protégé and do my best to elevate him to my level provided mixed results.  Now obviously Joseph Kerr was never going to be on the same level as ol’ Ceej, but he did his best to try and emulate ...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 11

Awright, I’ve been told I’m getting edited from now on so I cannae get every word that isn’t English through the word filter. Considering I write how I speak, it’s going to be a nightmare for our editors but I hope you non-Scots reading will be able to understand me now. So on with the list. I’ve only seen one show through the winter break SWA’s had so this time...[Read More]

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