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Six of the Best; Volume 26

It’s been a crazy time of late and at Point of Origin we saw a few surprises that shook the foundations of SWA to it’s core. Now we’re spinning towards the 100th show in Motherwell, it looks like we’ll be ending the year on a high! So as we gear up for the years end, lets take a look at my picks for this months magic six! 6. Falcon Gaining a win over the teen Source sensati...[Read More]

A Cut Above – Shifting Focus.

It’s been about 10 months since I last felt the need to voice my thoughts in the form of a blog, and in that time, a lot has happened for everyone’s favourite SWA Superstar. Firstly, my project to take on a protégé and do my best to elevate him to my level provided mixed results.  Now obviously Joseph Kerr was never going to be on the same level as ol’ Ceej, but he did his best to try and emulate ...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 21.

Yowza! What a night Battlezone was! Huge tag team action with BMW and T2K both reuniting for separate tag matches, an impressive womens match between SWA’s Sara and Source’s Kirsty Love and lets not forget Adam Shame being forced to fight in Eric Canyon’s corner! With the show over and the dust settled, I’ve been given the honour of kicking off this new style Fan Access wit...[Read More]

Wrestling versus Theatre

Over the years we’ve seen the stars of SWA take interesting side projects or take new steps in their career outwith the ring. From SWA co-owner Peter Murphy’s stint on Iron Chef, sharing his passion of cooking, to his business partner Mike Connell’s revived passion for acting which has seen him perform in Coventry’s Priory theatre, to Adam Shame make appearances for SudoQ, ...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 18

The Gathering is almost here! But everyone else is talking about that, so lets change the tone a little and talk about me for a bit. Well, my quest to be World Heavyweight Champion. No, seriously. I’ve been having a lot of me-time recently. I say me time, I mean time with the Xbox. Me and Smackdown versus Raw 2011. I’ve created the entire SWA roster and put them all on Smackdown, then ...[Read More]

Beefcake Bruce learns the ropes at Area 52 on STV's The Hour

With the SWA Stars preparing for our Bridgeton event on October 23rd, a few stars in training for the event found themselves grappling with a special guest when the Machine found himself grappling against ‘Beefcake’ Bruce Devlin. In a visit to SWA’s Area 52 training facility Bruce Devlin, the acclaimed Scottish comedian known for his sharp wit causing riotous laugher across the c...[Read More]

Fight Songs; The best of SWA's entrance music!

To newcomers it’s the first thing they learn about any wrestler and for the regulars it’s a sign telling them who’s out the curtain next. Either way, the music sets the tone for any wrestler who walks to the ring. The right music can help the mood, it can prepare the athlete for the task ahead and can perfectly symbolise who’s coming through the curtain. But who’s is ...[Read More]

Six of the Best: Volume 11

Awright, I’ve been told I’m getting edited from now on so I cannae get every word that isn’t English through the word filter. Considering I write how I speak, it’s going to be a nightmare for our editors but I hope you non-Scots reading will be able to understand me now. So on with the list. I’ve only seen one show through the winter break SWA’s had so this time...[Read More]

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