andy anderson

Sourcelight; The man who went from rookie to Champion in under two years.

A couple of weeks shy of five years ago Source Wrestling (under a different name at the time for those who aren’t familiar with out history) had it’s first origins in Linwood, just down the road from our former training centre. In those five years a lot has changed and the entire brand has re-shaped itself in so many ways thanks to different leaders, creative minds and an overflow of some amazing ...[Read More]

Six of the Best; Volume 26

It’s been a crazy time of late and at Point of Origin we saw a few surprises that shook the foundations of SWA to it’s core. Now we’re spinning towards the 100th show in Motherwell, it looks like we’ll be ending the year on a high! So as we gear up for the years end, lets take a look at my picks for this months magic six! 6. Falcon Gaining a win over the teen Source sensati...[Read More]

Sourcelight Extra: Andy Anderson.

In October last year we saw a surge of new talent rising through the ranks of Source. Among these new talents, we’ve seen new stars rising such as Mark Sweeney who has gone on to main event in front of his home crowd, and veterans of SWA open a new chapter of their careers such as Glen Dunbar who has brought a new attitude to his run. One young man turned heads instantly when he made his deb...[Read More]

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