On Screen

Jessica Jones: Season 1 (2015)

With Marvel’s stock higher than ever, Netflix jumped on board introducing a gritty incarnation of Daredevil, showcasing the lawyer by day and superhero by night Matt Murdock in a much more further removed world than we’ve seen within the highly popular movie universe. Jessica Jones shares the same universe with Matt Murdoch, even the same city, but aside from the same Avengers hints it feels compl...[Read More]

Star Trek (2009)

Way back in 2009 I was asked to go review Star Trek. Only problem was the review would be live on air, on national radio and I had about twenty minutes between the end credits starting and my segment, which was mostly spent trying to get to the BBC studio instead of absorbing the film. Since I didn’t get a chance to properly absorb what I’d just seen into a ten minute segment, I wrote this. Then l...[Read More]

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