Viper & Kirsty Love make their Eve debut.

Since the inception of the all-woman Pro Wrestling Eve promotion, SWA’s Nikki Storm has been a huge part of it’s roster as she mixes with the best talent across Europe. On the night she stepped in the ring with one of Japan’s top female athletes, two other graduates of the Source Wrestling School made their debut. As Eve invited stars of Japans all-female promotion Ice Ribbon, Ni...[Read More]

Beefcake Bruce learns the ropes at Area 52 on STV's The Hour

With the SWA Stars preparing for our Bridgeton event on October 23rd, a few stars in training for the event found themselves grappling with a special guest when the Machine found himself grappling against ‘Beefcake’ Bruce Devlin. In a visit to SWA’s Area 52 training facility Bruce Devlin, the acclaimed Scottish comedian known for his sharp wit causing riotous laugher across the c...[Read More]

Sourcelight Extra: Andy Anderson.

In October last year we saw a surge of new talent rising through the ranks of Source. Among these new talents, we’ve seen new stars rising such as Mark Sweeney who has gone on to main event in front of his home crowd, and veterans of SWA open a new chapter of their careers such as Glen Dunbar who has brought a new attitude to his run. One young man turned heads instantly when he made his deb...[Read More]

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