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After the kick off After kick starting the wrestling year with a showcase of graduates from the Wrestling School, Source Wrestling’s first 2012 gig in Bridgeton gave the stage to some younger talents and showed us all that their futures are as bright as their colourful personalities!
I sat back at Bridgeton and I watched the the selected talents form the school took their moment and ran with it. None more so than Tommy Daniels who had the opportunity to tackle former Scottish champion Eric Canyon. A guy who’s still seen as a rookie going toe to toe with a former multi-time champ and veteran of SWA should have been a massacre. Canyon thought so to, as he harped on about all the different ways he could win in a chat I had with him before the match. But it’s safe to say Canyon underestimates the schooling these guys get by Damian O’Conor at the Source Wrestling School – not to mention the input from Paul Tracey, Mikey Whiplash and many more.
But, as he often does, Canyon had a trick up his sleeve and called out Lewis Girvan and Killian to back him up. Before long, Christopher Saynt, Axl Simmons and Bobby Roberts came to even the odds with James St James trying to break up the brawl that ensued! With tensions high, the challenge was made “You bring your friends, I’ll bring mine and we’ll make this an eight man tag tonight!”
2011 Graduates Bobby Roberts and Axle Simons teamed up to the crowds delight. Despite having little experience under their belt, with both only coming into their own in November, the duo rocked a style and image that had fans on their feet. Roberts, who has ben training alongside his fellow armed forces ally Ricky Gibson at SWS, came out in his ‘Source Army’ gear. A former military man, Roberts takes as much pride in his background as ally, and while Gibson is away on duty, Roberts flew the flag for the ‘Tartan Army’ in his absence. Despite not having Gibson in his corner, Roberts shined with fellow graduate Axl Simmons.
Simmons is an odd one. He caught our eye early on in his training. When everyone else had a water break, he had a guitar break. Every night he’d come along wiht a guitar strapped to his back and I thought at one stage that the two were inseparable. It seems I was right as Simmons, who has as much music about music as he does wrestling, still insists on playing his own theme to the ring! Unfortunately for the duo, the more experienced Lewis Girvan and his partner of the night, super-heavyweight Killian, quashed their chances of a win. But fans had something to cheer about when James St James was defeated by favourite Christopher Saynt for the second time in a row in Bridgeton!
After the confusion of the Canyon-Daniels match, we saw the two form teams for the main event with Canyon recruiting a reluctant St James, as well as the team of Killian and Girvan whilst Daniels pulled together his fellow 2011 graduates.
While the two sides regrouped, Black Samurai Junior gained a win over Charles William Yum in a fast paced cruiserweight challenge that ended with a shock knockout victory, whilst Nikki Storm vented her rage and frustration against 2011 graduate Lindsay Turner, refusing to let go of a crippling submission to remind Scottish wrestling who is the alpha female in the country!
After Turner was helped backstage, Team Canyon and Team Daniels entered to close the night with a massive eight-man tag that saw both sides get payback for the nights actions! Daniels’ side quickly ganged up to overpower the Russian Juggernaut, Killian, before Bobby roberts was ejected by disqualification by knocking seven shades out of Girvan for some sweet, if rule breaking, revenge! Girvan was then out due to high crossbody pin from Daniels, then demanded Canyon get into the ring. As Canyon refused to get back in with Daniels, St James reluctantly stepped in, took control and coved Daniels for a pin after hitting the Death Note, only to break the pin himself and help Daniels to his feet before calling Canyon a ‘disrespectful coward’, tagging him in and voluntarily eliminating himself.
As Canyon argued, ringside, Daniels and Saynt had their chance to show Canyon who was really boss and after months of his dodgy tactics and boasting, we finally saw Canyon get what was coming to him! After eliminating Saynt, boasting all the way, Daniels used Canyon’s ego trip to recover from the action, climb to the top and fly through the air, knocking Canyon down straight into a deserving pinfall!
Looking back on the night, a lot of newcomers were given an opportunity to shine and they did everything in their power to make sure the world noticed them. With Source Wrestling crowning it’s first champion in March, and SWA opening it’s year with Rebirth this month, the stars of both brands best watch their backs as Team Source is making sure people take notice of them.

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