Sourcelight: The Pride Tournament Expands

The Source Wrestling year is almost at an end and as we close the year in Clydebank, we’re closing with an addition the the Pride of Scotland tournament. Due to the suspension of Mark Anthony, I had to pull him from the tournament which left a gaping hole in the line up.
We’re at the semi-finals stage and so far we have three men qualified due to Anthony being pulled for the tournament, we only ave three competitors left.
CJ Hunter defeated Black Samuri Junior to make it to the semi finals and will battle Damian O’Conor who gained a hard fought win over Nathan Black to earn his place against CJ in the semi-finals. The other semi-final match was scheduled to include Scott Renwick, who qualified over Glen Dunbar versus Mark Anthony. But without Anthony in the tournament, I need a replacement.
So with the Pride of Scotland tournament now missing one man, the I’ve decided to fill the slot with the ultimate Survival Challenge to close the year! But with it being the last Source event of 2011 and the following week of SWA shows marking 100 live events produced by SWA, we’ve decided to make things a little different.
The SWA Committee has submitted their challenger for the Source Championship, selecting James Scott, who was known as Darkside for most of his time in SWA. He became one of the most skilled tag team champions within the company since the dissolving of his tag team he’s became a multi-time heavyweight champion across the country. With Scott holding several high profile championships, who better than him to make the challenge for the title? But before he can step into the tournament, he’ll have to battle the Ultimate Survivor!
I selected some of the best of the roster to battle each other in the over-the-top elimination Survival match including Jackie Polo, Mr Byers, the Forsaken and Clydebank’s own Christopher Saynt.
Whoever wins the challenge will go on to battle Darkside in the main event of the night – with the ultimate winner taking Anthony’s place in the tournament.
So will SWA’s pick go on to enter the Pride tournament? Or will a member of the Source roster stpe up and keep th Source exclusive title in Source? Find out in Cente 81, Clydebank on November 19th!

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