Six of the Best; Volume 26

It’s been a crazy time of late and at Point of Origin we saw a few surprises that shook the foundations of SWA to it’s core. Now we’re spinning towards the 100th show in Motherwell, it looks like we’ll be ending the year on a high! So as we gear up for the years end, lets take a look at my picks for this months magic six!
6. Falcon
Gaining a win over the teen Source sensation Lewis Girvan at Point of Origin wasn’t what put Falcon on my radar this month. It’s what happened afterwards. After gaining a following and a lot of support with his masked identity, Falcon ripped off the mask as a sign of frustration and disrespect to all the fans that loved him for the look. It’s quite a shock to see Falcon reveal his true self, but here’s hoping it’s the start of a new chapter for the Bird of Prey.
5. Glen Dunbar
Alright. So he lost hs title match against Andy Anderson and not one soul cheers Dunbar. But still, can you deny he’s one of the best when it comes to pure wrestling ability? Didn’t think so. And like it or not, I reckon his match with Anderson proved that we’ll see Dunbar with more gold around his waist soon.
4. Damian O’Conor
Paul Tracey is one of the biggest challenges on the SWA roster due to his experience and cunning. Our own NWA Scottish Champion is yet to gt a win over this man! Yet Damo O’Conor went toe to toe against Tracey in Uddingston for a second time. And for a second time, we saw the Aggressive Technician come out with that win! O’Conor might just be one of the most underrated when it comes to Scottish title contenders and if he continues to rack up these kind of wins, the SWA Committee will be fools not to give him a shot at the big one.
3. SWA Laird of the Ring Champion Joe Coffey
Another set of wins have came Joe Coffey’s way. In Source he was attacked, then later challenged, but Jackie Polo and managed to scrape by with the title around his waist. But how long will it take before Polo and Anthony snap as they seem determined to take the belt from Joe? But with the kind of wins he’s getting over in SWA, including a massive victory over former NWA Scottish Champ Eric Canyon, it doesn’t look like the Laird belt is going anywhere!
2. John ‘The Bomb’ Graham
We’ve seen Bomb and Black up their game recently and they have a huge opportunity presented to them. But it all hangs on Bomb. When he enters Govan on the 25th, Bomb will have a chance to battle Eric Canyon. If he beats the former champ, he and Black wll get a shot at the SWA Tag Team Championship the very night night in Motherwell. Could we see yet another title change before the year is out?!
1. NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion Andy Anderson
When Anderson cashed in his Money in the Bank title shot at Clan Wars, he set himself an uphill struggle. After stealing a win for himself (and not to mention for the fans!) he then had to prove he was worthy of having that belt over his shoulder. In his first defense he found himself battling against four other men and he won. He then went on to tackle Glen Dunbar, one of the best in Scotland, and he won. And we know that in his next challenge, it’s very likely that he’ll win again. The underdog has proven that he is a damn fine champion. And I for one hope that he has a very long, very successful reign as NWA’s Heavyweight Champion of Scotland!

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