Rule 48;The Bigger the Smile, the Sharper the Knife.

“You know your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes. He saved eight-hundred lives. Including your mother’s and yours. I dare you to do better.”
Ok. So I didn’t get a starship, I got a tag title. And I didn’t save eight hundred lives. And in fairness, no one dared me to do better so the quote doesn’t entirely match the situation, but damn. That’s a good movie.
Since that August 6th show that saw me and Erica Canyon strutting our sexy stuff with the SWA Tag Team Championship, both me and SWA in general (or so I’m told, I wasn’t paying attention) have been asked how that happened. To explain…
On the afternoon of August 6th I received a phone call from Eric Canyon. Now, people have noticed that those of us in the Forsaken aren’t exactly the biggest fans of authority. The whole reason we’ve banded together was down to hating the people in charge forgetting about us and deciding to punch and kick people until they took notice. So when I saw Canyon’s name pop up I was more interested in listening to my ringtone than I was engaging in a conversation with him. So against my better judgement, I answered. And I’m glad I did.
After an impolite exchange of words, he made me an offer. His tag team champions, the SWA Originals, had hit a crisis. He’s already decided that, while the Raging Bull was out of action with a severe knee injury, he was stepping in to defend the titles with Adam Shame. But despite being supposedly on the same team, Adam has the same opinion of him as I do and Fed-Ex’d him the title with a post-it saying ‘good luck’.
So as he is the boss, in his mind those titles belonged to him and he told me he could ‘do what he liked with them’ and had decided to keep the tag title and wanted me to share the glory.
I did wonder why he wanted me as a partner. But once he laid it out, it made sense to me. The titles were scheduled to be on the line against BMW. A team I’m rather familiar with. Not too long ago I managed to gain a pin over Scott Renwick and I’ve had a few encounters with O’Conor, including exposing his sinful pride the last time we fought against each other. Well, that and the Forsaken have spent the last few months causing hell for the lovable rogues on the Source roster and Eric does enjoy the chaos.
So I smiled. I agreed. I gave a condition and I hung up the phone. When he arrived in Clydebank later in the day, I handed him my condition and asked him to sign some paperwork I’d put together. In exchange, I took the title and carried it backstage.
You know what? We didn’t do too badly as a team. Sure, we had a fallout or two. And yes, we lost the titles to BMW. But he explained to me that I have my own partner, my own team and reminded me that he’s the boss. If he could make the Source GM submit to my ‘conditions’, he could make sure that title comes back my way sometime in the near future.
So yes, I’m angry, frustrated. Generally furious towards BMW. But I do have something to keep me smiling.
Sitting beside me as I type is a wonderful pile of paperwork. Signed by Eric Canyon which means, like it or lump it, the Source GM has to accept it.
The condition? Well, aside from a new Performers Agreement that allows for a little more ‘freedom’ for the members of Forsaken, there’s a new signing in there. Someone from SWA’s past, present and future is now part of our merry band of misfits. Yet another forgotten soul that’s been cast aside by management.
Who is it?
You’ll find out in due course.
I’ve also had some people asking me about my good old partner Jamie Walker. Some people on twitter have noticed him becoming agitated in recent weeks and have noticed he’s been MIA. Well, I don’t know the details (yet) but I recieved an email informing me that he’s been suspended for the time being for a violation of his performer agreement with the Source GM.
As such, our tag team efforts will have a delay and I will either have to utilize other members of the group or find a temporary alliance to chase those titles. But… whatever the reason for his suspension being, as soon as it’s over I can guarantee that our sights will be set on BMW.
Until then, I’m putting BMW on notice. Carrying that belt around all afternoon, throwing it over my shoulder as I walked through the crowd… that felt good. I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to be champion once again and losing that title the same night it was handed to me has only made me want it more.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the gym…

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