A Cut Above – Shifting Focus.

It’s been about 10 months since I last felt the need to voice my thoughts in the form of a blog, and in that time, a lot has happened for everyone’s favourite SWA Superstar.
Firstly, my project to take on a protégé and do my best to elevate him to my level provided mixed results.  Now obviously Joseph Kerr was never going to be on the same level as ol’ Ceej, but he did his best to try and emulate yours truly and – to his credit – didn’t slow me down too much in the ring.  We had our ups and downs, winning a few and losing a few, but with us seemingly unable to build any sustained momentum, the championship committee appear to have decided to ignore us.  Plus, with the SWA Originals now in charge of the SWA Tag Team Titles, I think the chances of us getting a title shot anytime soon look about as promising as a Raging Bull Shooting Star Press.
So with that said, it’s with great regret that I announce that the project known as Innovation Squared has been shelved.  This could be a temporary thing – who knows – but I’m here in SWA for gold, and if there’s no chance of me getting any as a tag team wrestler, then I’m afraid it’s back to the singles route for Mr Cutting Edge.
Which brings me to my main point of this blog.  For whatever reason, I can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the “main” shows, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  Me and Eric Canyon (that’s Mister Canyon to you) go way back – I mean waaaaay back – and me and Peter Murphy never really had any major beef.  Plus I’m, y’know, a SWA Original myself, so you’d think I’d be able to get some love from these guys.  But it seems not, and as such I’m resigned to doing the bulk of my damage on the Source shows.  Which, as I’ve found out lately, isn’t such a bad thing.
Although it pains me to admit it, there’s a huge amount of talent coming through the Source system right now.  Obviously you have guys like Andy Anderson and Joe Coffey, who are turning heads everywhere they go and starting to break out to other promotions (and rightfully so), but you also have other talent bubbling under the radar, ready to “step up” if you will.  People like Mark Anthony, Nathan Black, Christopher Saynt and Kirsty Love all have a ridiculous amount of potential, and don’t be surprised to see them gaining a great deal more exposure and success in the years to come.  So as someone who appreciates talent when he sees it, it’s a good environment for me to be involved in.  And believe me, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a blossoming young talent, filled with potential and optimism, and slapping them back down to make sure they know just where they stand in the grand scheme of things.  So yeah, Source suits me just fine.
But there’s another reason why Source is suddenly getting a little more appealing to yours truly.  And that’s the murmurings about this “Pride of Scotland” title.  Don’t get me wrong, there are other titles going around that I could set my sights on, but both Eric Canyon and Glen Dunbar are good friends of mine, and Joe Coffey is… uh… well… let’s just say there’s a long line of guys waiting to get a shot at him.  Yeah.  That’s what it is.  Cough.
So yeah, this “Pride of Scotland” title looks to be right up my street.  A brand new title, just begging for Mr Cutting Edge to stamp his mark on it.  And just a few days ago I got an opportunity to get one step closer to attaining that goal.  I participated in an Ultimate Survival match, with the winner facing Dicky Divers, and the winner of THAT match getting a guaranteed slot in the finals of the “Pride of Scotland” tournament.  Everyone keeping up so far?  Good.
So the Ultimate Survival match went pretty much as expected, with yours truly kicking ass and taking names in my own inimitable style.  Jimmy Kahoona and Christopher Saynt fell by the wayside thanks to me, and in the end it came down to me and a man I absolutely cannot stand in any way, shape or form – Damian O’Conor.  After a brief back and forth during which I outclassed “Damo” in every conceivable way, I managed to lock him in my patented TTFO submission.  Easy win, right?  Well, apparently not, as the ridiculously inept official erroneously counted my shoulders down as “Damo” tapped out.  After a brief argument, common sense was ignored in favour of making the match with Divers a three-way, and once again O’Conor screwed me over by ruining what would have been a sure win by letting both myself and him be pinned by the “Delectable” one.  So great.  Cheers for that.
But all is not lost.  Because there’s still a chance to get my shot at some payback on Divers, and an opportunity to etch my name in the SWA history books as the first ever “Pride of Scotland”.  The details aren’t set of how I’m actually meant to go about getting the other slot in the match, but rest assured, when they are, CJ Hunter is going to be right in the thick of it.
So yes, an eventful 10 months, but the future looks bright.  I’m sick of being overlooked and disregarded, and this “Pride of Scotland” is exactly what I need to hopefully start getting the respect I deserve around here.  And if I get to shatter the dreams of a few of SWA’s “Source Generation” along the way, then that just makes it all the sweeter.
So watch this space, kids. And remember, if you’re not Cutting Edge… you’re just not cutting it.


  1. Does this mean more Ceej more often? Grand wee cruiser!

  2. Did you ever hold the T Division trophy?

    • CJ has never held the T-Division Championship, however he did compete for it in it’s early days and battled in the first title match.

  3. Lets Go CJ! Clap! Clap! CLAPCLAPCLAP!


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