Sourcelight; Pride of Scotland

I was hoping to keep the surprise until tomorrow night but I’m breaking my rule and taking over Sourcelight to give away the big secret for Source’s trip to Bridgeton!
With Source Wrestling many hosting shows throughout the year and with the Source Wrestling School bursting with talent ready to begin their careers within the Source enviroment and the wealth of established talent finding their home in Source, they’ve been fighting for the top spot and the main event. Basically, they’ve been fighting for nothing but their pride on the line. But we all know that in true wrestling tradition, fighting for pride is never as fulfilling or recognised as fighting for a prize worth putting everything on the line for.
While our associate promotion the Scottish Wrestling Alliance has allowed us to have Source talent challenge for their titles in sanctioned (and occasionally, unsanctioned) matches, it’s time that the strs of Source had their own prize to fight for and so, I’ve decided to follow the lead of After Hours and add a unique element to SW events and give them something to fight for, a prize they can hold and cherish. The chance to become the Pride of Scotland.
While the SWA T-Division has recently unofficially become known as the Source Championship, the Pride of Scotland tournament will crown the first Championhip belt aligned to Source and Source alone. Throughout the remainder of the year, hand picked Source talent will be set against each other as they fight in a tournament to crown the first Champion and in the interests of fairness I’m making sure Glen Dunbar is first on the list.
But, with Dicky Divers being a standout and having proved time and time again that he deserves to be the man on top, I’ve given him a challenge. After he won that battle back in Clydebank earlier this year and earned himself the name ‘Mr Main Event’, I knew that he would be something special. Divers is an icon of Source. Not only a very talented wrestler, but a man who is hard working, offers help and advice to younger talent taking their first steps and someone who makes a great atmosphere in the locker room. So I tested him and set him another challenge.
Tomorrow night, if he can hold on to his ‘Mr Main Event’ status by taking on the next Ultimate Survivor, I will give him the chance to automatically head to the finals. If someone manages to end his streak? I’ll send them in his place.
Whoever wins in the main event tomorrow night will have their place secured in October and become the first Pride of Scotland. As for the rest? They’ll have to get there the hard way, and I already have those eight names picked out.
I’ll unleash the tournament details next week, but for now… who do you think deserves the chance to become Pride Champion?


  1. Doesn’t this mean too many titles in SWA? Or will the SWA titles be kept to SWA, Source kept to Source and no crossover?

    • As I understand it, the Pride of Scotland will be exclusive to Source and any SWA titles involved in Source events will be specially sanctioned by SWA themselves.


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