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As a slight change of pace, we decided instead of giving one man the open mic this month, we’d ask around the locker room and find out what they all thought about the current situation of SWA under the banner of animosity.
Can you guess who’s saying what?
“This group Murphy and Canyon are assembling could devastate SWA, and they may have the numbers game, but they haven’t counted on the fact that we are twice the wrestlers they ever were, even in their prime.”
“The SWA circle of power doesn’t care about me. Why should I care about them?”
“I think they’re petty, vindictive and pathetic. They’ve lost their focus on what we are all about. Competition. They want to monopolise the world of wrestling? Fine. Go to the US and have fun. When they couldn’t be bothered to be around we made an enviroment where competition is the prime factor again and they had to cheat to get anywhere. Enough is enough. I’ll be on the front line of the war if it means saving this company from selfish men.”
“I’ll do what I can to get ahead. I am one of the best in SWA and I’ve been held back. If they can put me in my rightful place, the main event, I don’t care how. I’m with them.”
“If they want to throw their weight around that’s up to them. They can and will do what they like. I’ll stay out of their way if they stay out of mine.”
“People bleat on about right and wrong. It’s not about whats right and wrong it’s about making the right decsion. If you want something you don’t sit on the bench and whine about it. You go out there and you grab that oppertunity. They had an opening, they barged into it and took what they wanted. Cry all you want people. It doesn’t matter.”
“Wait, do I still have a job or what?”
“I think there’s this aged opinion that they’re better than everyone else. The company was built on our backs to fuel their ego. After all that hard work and dedication things paid off for us, we stole the spotlight and they’re not happy. We’ve all advanced from the kids we used to be. We’ve grown up, we’ve learned and we’re not going to take it any more. We’ve got some amazing talent rising and the men on top don’t realise how good they are ad that in the end, they can’t win this war. So they may as well make the most of it. The Source Generation will take back what we built.”
“Every time I’m backstage and I hear the crowd go wild for the Scottys and the Damos… we were here first. Our time hasn’t ended. Your luck has just run out.”
“In the words of an icon? Bring it.”

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  1. Risky words. Would love to know who said what.


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