Sourcelight; A Delectible Update!

Having been one half of the longest reigning tag team champions in SWA history, Dicky Divers is one of several SWA Stars to appear regularly for Source and has had a dazzling run so far in Source and the next chapter of his career is only just beginning!
At the Gathering, Divers arrived ready to reclaim the tag titles after an upsetting loss to the Discos only for him to discover that his tag team partner had other plans. After some conflict put down to miscommunication, the two found themselves focusing on each other more than their opponents in matches and on the day Grange decided that if Divers wanted to regain the tag belts, he’d have to do it on his own. Obviously, that’s not how tag team wrestling works and since then Divers has gone on to forge his singles career in SWA. And when it comes to his performances in Source, it’s obvious that this man is a champion in the making!
The ascension of Dicky Divers has been obvious to wrestling fans for a long time now. Last year Divers showed just how far he could go in singles competition when he battled Joe Coffey in the main event of out first event at Bridgeton Community Centre. A match that had fans on their feet, as well as SWA host Marty Michaels staring in awe, as the carnage unfolded in the ring! Using everything he had to keep Coffey on his toes despite the larger frame of Coffey, Divers gave his all and pushed Coffey to the brink as he outmaneuvered and outplayed the champion. He may have lost in the end, but it was clar that this was a huge learning experience for Divers that gave him a taste of the championship gold he could have on his own.

Divers performing at Bishopton Open Day
Coffey wasn’t the only one to find themselves tested by Divers talents. Scott Renwick also found himself under fire from Divers in a series of matches in Erskine, with the final in the series showing how far Divers will go to push himself towards the singles division, trying to eliminate Renwick from the match before it had even started!
More recently, Divers attitude has mellowed somewhat and he has become more playful and fun loving after severing ties with Grange. But under his cheesy smiles and cheeky antics, there’s an intense and tough challenger.
Since losing the tag titles and moving into the singles rankings, we’ve seen him tackle Glen Dunbar in both Source and SWA to make a bit for the T-Division and Laird Championships and despite being unsuccessful this far, it’s only a matter of time before we have a Delectable Champion in our ranks.
As Source heads into it’s next season, we’ll see Divers in the main event of the night as he tackles the Source breakout of 2010 Andy Anderson, and the returning powerhouse Jackie Polo.
Divers has had both wins and losses against Anderson and has battled him enough times to be able to figure him out. When it comes to Polo, he’s an unknown element of the match but with Divers getting stronger, bigger and faster… my money is on him!
With the NWA Scottish title firmly in the hands of SWA, Source is looking to bring new stars into that big main event spotlight and this next season is all about finding out who is the best of the best. And with three of the most talented stars up on the season opener in Clydebank, May 14th – you can be sure that the stars will be determined to get the win in order to move forward into the next level of their careers.
Dicky Divers is eager, he’s talented and I believe that he’s ready to start his journey into taking Source to new heights as our poster boy.
Do you think he has what it takes?

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