Six of the Best: Volume 21.

Yowza! What a night Battlezone was! Huge tag team action with BMW and T2K both reuniting for separate tag matches, an impressive womens match between SWA’s Sara and Source’s Kirsty Love and lets not forget Adam Shame being forced to fight in Eric Canyon’s corner!
With the show over and the dust settled, I’ve been given the honour of kicking off this new style Fan Access with my latest picks for Six of the Best after Battlezone as we look towards SWA’s trip to Govan at the end of the month. So kicking off…
6. ‘Lord of the Manor’ Paul Tracey
One of the most experience and best in the SWA roster, Paul Tracey was able to get his bearings in the SWA ring and make a huge statement by defeating Mr Money in the Bank Andy Anderson, picking up his first SWA win before a weekend seminar at the newly titled Source Wrestling School. What more can we expect from the Lord of the Manor in the future?
5. Aerodynamic Combat Explosion
Fast, fun and full of surprises! Falcon and Junior were able to take on the former SWA Tag Team Champions, and one of the most successful tag teams in recent years – the Reunited T2K – and walk out with the belts over their shoulders in their first sanctioned title defense since the Gathering!
4. SWA T-Division Champion Glen Dunbar
Already the SWA T-Division champion and a former tag team champion. Things are looking up for Dunbar! While elsewhere on Source he’s formed a coalition to protect his title, and according to rumour in the office thats only the start, in SWA he’s made another giant leap towards his goals by becoming number-one contender to the SWA Laird of the Ring title and is now scheduled to face the human tank that is Joe Coffey down the line.
3. NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion, Eric Canyon
I hate saying this – but Canyon was on top form at Battlezone and when the odds weren’t in his favour he made sure Adam Shame was at his beck and call. And if Shamer didn’t, he’d be fired. A massive misuse of power but I think we all expected that one!
2. BT Gunn & Damo O’Conor (tie)
After their performance at Battlezone, these two big boys are tied! Both of the men started and lasted the duration, only getting eliminated towards the end of the match when the odds were against them. Buckets of talent and a massive shift from both men. Impressive!
1. Scott ‘The Butcher’ Renwick
After losing the NWA Scottish Heavyweight title at the Gathering and still carrying substantial injury – which was heightened when he was attacked by Eric Canyon during a guest appearance for affiliates Source and once again by Glen Dunbar in After Hours – Renwick showed us his strong fighting spirit once again. After a tag match, teaming with BMW partner Damien O’Conor, Renwick found himself tapping out when Adam Shame wrenched on his injured arm. But that wasn’t the end of the night for Renwick as he entered at number 30 in Battlezone and helped clear the ring, eliminating Paul Tracey in the closing moments of the match to win the huge event!

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