Rob Drummond; Jobbing (Wrestling interview for

Rob Drummond: Wrestling from The Arches on Vimeo.

James Tyler, pro wrestler with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, talks to us about Rob’s rookie status and his (dubious) chances of succeeding ahead of his appearance in Rob Drummond’s Wrestling. The show fuses theatre, film and live professional wrestling. James – and two other professionals from the world of Scottish wrestling – appear in the show between 9th-13th February 2011 at the Arches, Glasgow.
Playwright Rob Drummond has been making a name for himself in the world of Scottish theatre. But all the words in the world won’t help him at the Arches in February 2011 when he steps into the ring and into the world of Scottish professional wrestling…
For the past four months, Rob has been working with trainer ‘Damo’ Damien O’Conor, training partner ‘The Antagonist’ James Tyler and wrestler and personal trainer ‘The Mercenary’ Joe Coffey to prepare for the show. A BAFTA-nominated, multi-award winning film crew have been following his every move – the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the moments of personal triumph.
The results will be displayed in a thrilling spectacular show which fuses short film, narrative theatre and, of course, pro wrestling.
Multi award winning documentary filmmaker Lindsay Goodall won the Jury Prize at the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland award and won Best Documentary at the Palm Springs International Shortfest.
Damo O’Conor is the head trainer at SWA’s Area 52 Wrestling School. Alongside James Tyler and Joe Coffey, they have collectively held a dozen championships, gained tryouts with World Wrestling Entertainment and have worked across the country with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.
Rob Drummond: Wrestling is one of the first winners of a prestigious Vital Spark Award by Creative Scotland.
Please note: Weekday performances (Wed-Fri) are 18+ only. Matinee events (Sat-Sun) are open to ages 8+
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