Sourcelight: The T-Division Challenge

In November, the Arches Theatre sponsored a huge gauntlet match to crown a new number-one contender to the T-Division Championship. On the night that Ricky Gibson gained his rematch after losing the title to Glen Dunbar, the stars of Source tore each other apart to become the next challenger and while Dunbar retained, a new challenger was crowned.
In a match that featured Nathan Black, Damien O’Conor, Helo, and several more young men eager to get the title shot, it was Lewis Girvan tat finally came out on top taking out Mike Musso in the last segment of the match to win the number one contenders slot.
But once the SWA Committee booked Girvan’s title match, it seemed as if Glen Dunbar was reluctant to face him.
Handing the committee a dubious note from his doctor, Dunbar decided that he’d send in a challenger on his behalf instead. A challenger who, while not easily beaten, still found his shoulders on the canvas.
Dunbar dodged the bullet again, getting another doctors note when he was told to defend the title in Uddingston on the 29th, calling in a favour from a friend to take his place once again which lead Allessandro Mori to take his place in Girvan’s second challenge.
Aside from winning the title shot in Govan, Girvan has gained himself quite the following since his debut, gaining enough momentum to make Dunbar worried about the challenge.
Officially making his debut in the Battlezone, the young Girvan was expected to be cannon fodder for the more experienced roster members. Instead, he lasted fr over half an hour in the match, longer than the bulk of the roster, and was a serous contender to win before finally being eliminated.
Girvan went on to be challenged by Eric Canyon in a tag team match when the Boss wanted someone to vent his frustrations on, but Girvan still gained the pinfall on Canyons personal guard for the night Mark Anthony.
Seething from the loss, Anthony demanded a singles shot in which Lewis once again came out on top before racking up a few more singles victories leading him to his win in the Arches Ultimate Survival match.
Despite Dunbar’s best efforts, Girvan has retained his momentum, and his title shot, and it seems there is no escape for him.
Since his transition from Lowlander, to Lowland Superstar we’ve seen him find a new attitude. The plucky underdog who would fight any battle suddenly transitioned into an arrogant, cocky, and egotistical T-Division Champion and now the man who’d never step back from a challenge seems to be backing away from true competition, doing anything it takes to protect his position within the Hall of SWA Champions.
Now the SWA Committee has demanded that he now defend his championship before the Gathering.
With the momentum Lewis Girvan has gained in recent months, can Dunbar walk away as T-Division Champion when he finally takes on Girvan on February 12th?

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