Six of the Best: Volume 18

The Gathering is almost here! But everyone else is talking about that, so lets change the tone a little and talk about me for a bit. Well, my quest to be World Heavyweight Champion. No, seriously.
I’ve been having a lot of me-time recently. I say me time, I mean time with the Xbox. Me and Smackdown versus Raw 2011. I’ve created the entire SWA roster and put them all on Smackdown, then moved the entire WWE roster to Raw. It was easy enough and my Scott Renwick looks remarkably similar to the real deal. And he was the champ, until I decided to make myself and chase him for it. After fighting up the ranks, becoming number one contender and winning a few matches against Joe Coffey, The Bomb and a mini-feud with Damo O’Conor, I finally won the title.
It was so easy, I figured… maybe I could get off my bum be Scottish Heavyweight Champion, So I decided to leave the office and have a training session. I lasted through the warm up before I realised… these guys go through a lot more than I realised. And that was just one training session! So as I type up this list, it’s with a new found, or maybe a reignited, respect for the men and women n the Scottish Wrestling Alliance. So to kick off, we have two of the hardest men I’ve seen in the ring…
The Weapons of Mass Destruction
Allright, so maybe these guys haven’t had the best month. They kicked off the year with a loss to Falcon and Junior followed by Nathan Blak having a singles loss against Joe Coffey. But considering the calibre of talent they were up against, that’s nothing to be ashamed off! The Bomb & Black have torn their way through SWA and came through the other side with a grin and even in loss they still look as powerful as they move in the ring. They both have big futures ahead of them and I think that it starts here!
ACE; Falcon & Junior
Another tag team coming in at number 5! The lovable cruiserweight duo certainly entertain, but behind their fun and games lies the experience and energy of champions! With amassive win over heavyweights WMD, and Falcon’s upcoming British title quarter final, they’re certainly a team to watch!
James Scott
Having had a mere three matches since returning to SWA in November, Scott has certainly made an impact! Having laid out Joe Coffey with an illegal weapon in November, he declared that he would be entering Money in the Bank at the Gathering and in Uddingston in January, he made sure the world knew he was more than ready to take that final pinfall and become number one contender in a spectacular match against Andy Anderson!
Damien O’Conor
Ranking number three this month, O’Conor’s year started badly with a win against Helo. Yes, you read that right. Despite a win, it was a win through disqualification as Helo was able to lock in the Heavens Gate. The two of them have been training together a lot ain conjunction with Rob Drummond: Wrestling, opening at the Arches on February 9th, and some tension is clearly showing through. Despite that tension plaguing his personal life, O’Conor was able to gain another win when he surprised Paul Tracey with a jaw shattering Superkick in a British Championship quarter final to move to the next stage!
SWA Laird of the Ring Champion Joe Coffey
Perhaps the strongest champion to date, Coffey is a tough athlete to beat. With his extensive and powerful move set, his ring prowess and his tank-like figure, Coffey is a tough man for anyone to beat and so far this year he’s had two great title defences against Joseph Kerr and Nathan Black. As his reign goes on, he’s set to get even stronger!
NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion Scott Renwick
Number one once again, the champ has proven time and time again that he is the man to beat in SWA and it doesn’t look like his reign is ending any time soon. Having defeated Dicky Divers after the STI member stole his belt in Erskine, Renwick then took on both Divers and his tag partner William Grange in a handicap match, and even though the attack on Renwick fell apart due to an internal conflict within the team, Renwick is a champion who’s regained control of his situation.
With his new look, his amazing streak and finally finding the anger within, Renwick heads towards the Gathering with a vengeance as he finally gets his hands on Eric Canyon.

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