The Crazy Chronicles: Craig's Christmas List!

‘Tis the season SWA fans! As a precursor to the SWA’s annual shindig we call the Awards Night, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what some of the SWA and Source roster members might like filling their stockings this festive season. And if they don’t like, Crazy always keeps his receipts!
James St. James: An album by the 90’s pop band James, a copy of James and the Giant Peach on DVD, and a small figurine of Capt. Kirk. James T. of course.

Jam O’Malley:
A new cane to compliment his trusty allies Citizen Cane and Michael Cane. This cane will have a head piece made half of steel, with glowing red eyes, and shall henceforth be known as Kano.
Mark Anthony: Nothing. What do you get someone who has everything? I may however shell out on a small gift for his ‘man-servant’ Charles William Yum- he looks as if he needs a little token prezzie of his own.

Ricky Gibson:
Clearly Ricky would be in his element if, on Christmas morning, he found under his tree, a toy soldier set- tons of them. Ready to be lost, eaten by the dog, stepped on with no slippers, and get caught in the vacuum cleaner. Or I could buy him ‘Risk’?… Hmmm…
Joe Coffee: I think Joe could make a side career out of throwing a discuss judging on that lariat. So that’s what he’s getting- a discuss!
Nikki Storm: A box of Kalms, some Horlicks and a nice soothing pan-pipe album. Something will calm that lady down, mark my words!
Mr Canyon: An easy-on bow tie. Has that thing ever been done up?
And finally,
Scott Renwick: For my friend Scott, a king-size tub of Brass-o and small polishing brushes. He’ll need it well past G4 when he retains the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship
I’m interested to hear your ideas for the rest of the guys on the roster! The floor’s yours, people!
Happy Holidays!


  1. [Site update] The Crazy Chronicles: Craig’s Christmas List! –

  2. how about a chill pill for mossy?!

  3. Brilliant!!! How about a smile for Canyon?

  4. LOL! All the best to SWA in 2010


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