If I could not be serious for a minute…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged for SWA Online and it seems that life has been busier than I’d hoped it’d be. This year, aside from working alongside SWA, a few projects have been fired my way which have kept me entertained and rather pre-occupied. One of the most exciting for me is the Day Job Project which is almost ready to close it’s first chapter. The first major writing stage is so close to being finished that it’s scary. Looking at my side of things when it comes to writing, I feel odd not having anything left to do (well, almost, I’ll get to that) and we’re so close to having the final episodes ready for first draft. In the next few months comes the hard part, putting it together. But while my mind works on production thoughts, going over ideas, possibilities and such in the background, the front of my mind is thinking feedback, rewrites and new ideas…
It’s kind of odd. Initially I got on board to help put it together for Gary Alexander, who came up with the concept, and I seem to be tangled in the web of creativity. Which is a wonderful thing and has let my mind wake up again. I think I was initially going to write an episode or two and have ended up doing quite a few by accident. Five I think overall. And I’ve got the task of writing a vital scene in the closing episodes which I’ve already pre-planned (though, I won’t commit anything to paper until I’ve seen some of the script as I don’t want it to be unnatural).
Episode 4 was my first go and it was essentially me just laughing in my head and putting things down. The base concept was written down while waiting for a meeting for another project. All the notes really said were;
– Shoes.
– I don’t know him.
– No X Box?
– Eye teeth.
– Remember the stalker.
– Poop shoot.
– You’re sitting on my dog.
– Summer Glau.
– Ken Adams.
– Exclamation marks.
I have no idea how I transitioned this to a story, and half of it doesn’t make sense to me now I’ve looked back at the notebook. But somehow something came of it that made slightly more sense. But from that nonsensical pile of notes to the relatively easy to write script led me to writing…
6… which was the hardest for me. The first draft was thrown away instantly. It was a part of my life put down on paper and it was quite a hard one to get the right mix of funnies. But I was determined to get a closing moment that was discussed and thought was perfect for that episode; 7… which was a struggle for both of us but a follow up that was a game changer and we had to work hard together to make it right; 9… which was less funny more drama and I’m still working on as the subject matter is one I’ve avoided before and it’s something I want to get right (and cheers to my good friend Nan for inspiring the latest idea/rewrite!); 12… in which Rob Drummond pointed out that I’d accidentally wrote a play. Which I quite liked.
Everything’s still a work in progress and as we’ve went on, the characters, story and general overall stuff has become deeper, more fleshed out and some things have changed dramatically for the better. It’s a sign as well with Gary’s scripts, which have become deeper and more involved over time. So undoubtedly I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends then tackling re-writes of the whole series. Then by March… we’ll get this rolling.
The funny thing is that everyone (apart from one) in my tester group who’s read stuff has asked if one of the leads is based on me. Which I don’t know whether to take as a compliment or an insult. And my own partner asked if the other lead was Gary. As such, we shall be auditioning each other very soon in whats either going to be a complete car crash… or a Kevin Smith move.
While we enter the closing stages of Day Job, I’ve been entering the opening stages of the Arches produced wrestling show. I don’t know if there’s a title yet. It’s a documentary, a play and a training schedule that’s teaching Rob Drummond the art of wrestling so he can devise a play on it, while the crew watches his training closely.
As a cultural exchange of sorts, he’s also led myself and Damo O’Conor through an acting workshop which was fun and hope to do more. Even if my collection of medical and psychological conditions make it difficult to focus on a big chunk of text (seriously – I have to read pages in a book three or four times before the next one as my mind refuses to focus). And I did read out Hamlet in Shatner style.
I don’t think it’s going to be what people expect. In fact, I know it’s not. But aside from a few moments, it’s been a lot of fun. And thankfully the Arches attended SWA’s recent event in Bridgeton and loved the show. Which I’m happy to hear.
In fact, looking back on SWA so far this year I’m generally happy with everything the company has done this year, which is why I am merrily standing in Falcon and Junior’s corner after hanging up my tights in May. There’s not much left to go before we close the year and I’m sitting at home on the weekends trying to avoid watching X Factor or Coronation Street catch ups but I hear there’s almost 30 dates booked for 2011 so I can only assume the stars of SWA and Source will lead the charge for Scottish Wrestling next year!
I’m sure I’ve bored enough of you by now with this update, but fear not, I’ll bore you some more with the Day Job project in due course! Or… you can just check The Picard Maneuver for further updates.
The next update will be far more SWA focused as my backstage duties as Managing Editor of SWA Online will be leaking through…

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