Beefcake Bruce learns the ropes at Area 52 on STV's The Hour

With the SWA Stars preparing for our Bridgeton event on October 23rd, a few stars in training for the event found themselves grappling with a special guest when the Machine found himself grappling against ‘Beefcake’ Bruce Devlin.
In a visit to SWA’s Area 52 training facility Bruce Devlin, the acclaimed Scottish comedian known for his sharp wit causing riotous laugher across the country, learned the ropes from head instructor Damien O’Conor while filming for The Hour, airing weeknights at 5pm on STV. O’Conor took the Beefcake through his paces in preparation to fight the dangerous, mysterious masked man ‘The Machine’.
In his quest to face the brutal Machine, Devlin learned the basics of pro wrestling while training alongside the Lowland Superstar Glen Dunbar, Source’s Helo and the magnificent Nikki Storm in preparation for his big match.

Comedian Bruce Devlin
With advice from Helo and Dunbar, as well as the guidance and supervision of O’Conor, Devlin prepared himself as he jumped into the training at full force before facing his toughest challenge yet as he goes head to head against former SWA Laird of the Ring Champion, The Machine!
Catch STV’s The Hour weekdays at 5pm to see SWA Stars in action!
You can catch Helo, Glen Dunbar in action as SWA Source heads to Bridgeton on Saturday October 23rd.

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