Fight Songs; The best of SWA's entrance music!

To newcomers it’s the first thing they learn about any wrestler and for the regulars it’s a sign telling them who’s out the curtain next. Either way, the music sets the tone for any wrestler who walks to the ring. The right music can help the mood, it can prepare the athlete for the task ahead and can perfectly symbolise who’s coming through the curtain.
But who’s is best? Well, after a marathon run of SWA shows I’ve picked out my favourites…
Joe Coffey
Ocean Colour Scene, ‘The Riverboat Song’.
With its tremendous opening beat telling you that the tank-like Coffey is about to enter, it gets the fans in the mood to get on their feet as the man walks through the curtain. The most recognised on the list but one that opponents hate hearing as they know they’ll be going up against one of the toughest heavyweights in the SWA ranks whether he’s with partner Jackie Polo, or all by himself.
Damien O’Conor
Flogging Molly, ‘Drunken Lullabies’.
When this song hits it’s damn near impossible not to tap your feet along to the music! Showing pride in his heritage, the music tells you instantly where this young chap hails from and puts a smile on your face as the aggressive technician makes his way to the ring.
The Disco Biscuits
The Prodigy, ‘Invaders Must Die’.
With a slow intro, newcomers to SWA always seem confused while our regulars are getting themselves ready for one of the most entertaining entrances in the country. When the beat kicks in, Magic Mackie and Freddie Da Funk come dancing to the ring.
BT Gunn
HIM, ‘Vampire Heart’.
Possibly one of the best matches entrance songs, this HIM track seems to capture the energy and passion of BT Gunn and as soon as the fans hear the music start they get excited knowing the charismatic daredevil is about to step through the curtain.
Scott Renwick
Black Stone Cherry, ‘Shooting Star’.
Oh yes. If you’re in the ring and you hear this music his – it’s brown trousers time. Having used BMW’s music until his quest for the NWA Scottish Championship, Renwick chose this track to perfectly symbolise his time and experience in SWA. After winning the title and having a popular title reign, this music turned form being the song of his career into music that makes the crowd go wild and his opponent get nervous as the man they’re about to fight.
Disagree? Feel free to share your favourites below!


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  2. my favourite or lease favour has to be Eric Canyon’s theme that is Ozzy Osbourne: That i never had. swa regular let out a sigh whenever this music comes on as they think, now who is getting screwed!

  3. The finest SWA entrance theme undoubtedly belongs to Nikki Storm. The song (Feeder ‘Just A Day’) is as energetic as she is and always gets a great reaction from the crowd!

  4. i agree with wizard, the song suits nikki to a T

  5. Gott love Adam Shames. When you hear that siren you know someones getting battered

  6. good shout on oconnor. whats the song lionheart uses?

  7. also jesters dance music is brill!

  8. Lionheart uses ‘What’s Up Now’ by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

  9. Scottys n BT’s r the best


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