In the pale moonlight.

Before I say anything here, I’d like to thank everyone on Facebook and twitter who stepped forward to be a part of our test group for the new Fan Access/News and Features section of SWA Online. We had an overwhelming response with our test group giving some wonderful feedback that’s helping us put the final tweaks in place to launch the new look on Saturday.
The site really does rely on user feedback to keep us giving you the content you want and our next SWA Online survey will focus on the recent changes so that all those not involved in the test group can have their voice heard and let us know how we can better benefit you.
If you have any feedback, use the comment box below. That goes for Battlezone too, which I highly enjoyed. It was hard to hang up the boots and focus my energies on Falcon and Junior, but I must say – watching the Battlezone fr the pit instead of being in it was exciting enough for me.
More exciting than Eastenders, and we’ve got a guy going all religious killer there and one of the best Muslin storylines ever written for a soap. Battlezone was, and it breaks my heart to say this, better than ‘Who killed Archie Mitchell’.
The end result wasn’t the best, though. I’m not interested in taking sides right now. My pay slip doesn’t come from PJ Murphy or Eric Canyon, it comes from SWA. As does Falcons and Juniors. As far as I’m concerned, we’re loyal to the company. I also have nothing against either man, not really, not personally. I’ve known them both for a long time, I’ve had good times in their company and I’ve joined them in partying hard.
I know these guys too well to take either mans side. However, knowing them well, I know where this can go if Eric gets his own way and I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t like the attitude he’s gained since investing in SWA or his way of doing business. So we’re Switzerland. Staying in the middle not getting involved. Which I suppose is a good thing for keeping an objective mind here, but overall… I worry about what Eric can do if let loose.
I could see job cuts, money going to executive bonuses, he might even try to open another games shop. I don’t know, it’s worrying… but I can only hope Scotty does indeed head to the Gathering after his title match in Uddingston and knock some sense into our co-owner. Or lord and master, as he’s prefer to be called.
Someone needs to tell Canyon, this is out livelihoods, not Call of Duty 4…

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