Sourcelight Extra: Andy Anderson.

In October last year we saw a surge of new talent rising through the ranks of Source. Among these new talents, we’ve seen new stars rising such as Mark Sweeney who has gone on to main event in front of his home crowd, and veterans of SWA open a new chapter of their careers such as Glen Dunbar who has brought a new attitude to his run.
One young man turned heads instantly when he made his debut against Damien O’Conor, showing the fans of Erskine and Govan in his first matches that he was ready to walk the path to becoming a future star within the company.
Dubbed the Surprise Package, Andy Anderson has been mentioned in several interviews on SWA Fan Access as one to watch for the future, so we had a quick chat while he trained for his upcoming match on May 29th.
You only made your debut a few short months ago, how does it feel to be a highlight on the Source Roster?
It is a great pleasure to even be on the roster, I don’t think I am a highlight yet but would be an awesome experience to be able to get to that stage.
You’ve been pegged as being one to watch in the future, how does that make you feel?
It makes me fell horned adventures and very excited to have anyone say something like that about me.
Do you think you can live up to the challenge and grab a title one day?
I think I need to claim more victories first and learn a lot more, but when I do I want to be ready to take on anyone who holds the belt.
You recently made the jump from Source to SWA when you wrestled in a four-way at Paisley Town Hall, what was it like being in one of the highlights of the card?
I was very nervous for many reasons one being I was up against some great talent, I think my training and my nerves pushing me really helped me secure the victory in the match.
It was a long road from trainee at Area 52 to Source roster, how did it feel to get your debut?
It was the greatest felling ever and can’t be beaten or taken away. I became 5 years old again when I was watching heroes of my generation like The Rock,Triple H,Eddie Gurrero, HBK and Chris Jericho.
What was the training process like?
Very hard and all worth it. I committed my self 100 percent no doubt.
You have an opportunity to take the T-Division title in Fife, do you think you’re ready for a title match?
I am always ready to take on anyone but with the title on the line it makes it puts more pressure on me.
How will you prepare against the challengers?
A fatal four way for the belt is a hard match to prepare for allot of training and more time in the gym will gave me an edge. It looks good for me on paper with having secured one of these matches under my belt not to long ago.
So far it’s bean announced that you’ll be against both Gibson, defending his title, and Damien O’Connor. Who do you think the fourth man will be?
I have no idea who the fourth competitor will be. All of my opponents already in the match are currently hard to prepare for never mind a mystery opponent.
I would like to thank you for this interview and thank all the fans who come along and support me at the SWA and Source shows.

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