Six of the Best: Volume 12

The actions been heating up in SWA this month with the British tournament getting more competitive every show and spilling into After Hours and Source as well as SWA. With one title being reborn and others gaining momentum, the roster is ready to pick each other off one by one as management sets them against each other. But hey! It makes my life easier as by seeing the action as it happens, I know who’s topping my list after a huge month of wrestling!
‘The Bird of Prey’ Falcon.
Despite a loss in tag action in Uddingston, Falcon showed in the British Title tournament that he’s found his old spark of life. With his new protege, Black Samurai Junior, fighting by his side and an old ally from his A List days, James Tyler, watching his back with management, he’s regained some momentum and found his fighting spirit again.
At Source, Team Falcon barged their way into the British tournament and managed to gain a qualifier against Joe Coffey that saw Falcon win and make his way into the British title tournament. With his mind back on track, his focus back on regaining some gold and being in the best shape of his life, the former NWA Junior Heavyweight and NWA Scottish Heavyweight champion is ready to add another NWA title to his CV.
Paul Tracey.
He’s made number five on the list and he’s only made one appearance this month, which goes to show the kind of impact this guy can have on you! Tracey was part of a tournament in SWA several years ago to crown the first SWA Tag Team Champions and now we’ve got the British tournament happening, he’s back and making sure he’s one step closer to gaining that gold.
Tracey has been a former NWA British Champion and has become a feared name in the ranks of British wrestling for years. One of NWA-UK’s breakout stars, he’s fought around the world and when he returned to Scotland, he took on the brutal adversary of Kid Fite, no easy man to beat, and made sure Fite went down.
Red Lightning.
SWA Laird of the Ring Champion.

He’s always been a bit of an unknown quantity in SWA and now Red is standing tall as the Laird of the Ring Champion. Having aligned himself with Canyon he’s added financial and managerial power to his already impressive in ring skills and now with the Laird title around his waist, he’s ready to take on the world of Scottish Wrestling and make sure people remember his name by any means necessary.
BT Gunn
It’s been a big month for Gunn and his efforts are not to be ignored! In Uddingston he was able to fight his way through to the next round of the British Heavyweight title tournament, then gained a victory at Source in Cumbernauld and then there was After Hours where he took on SWA Tag Team Champion Dicky Divers in a hardcore match. Initially booked to be a tables match the duo decided to make sure anything goes as they kept making bigger challenges to each other. Both men were bruised and battered, bth of them paying the price, but only one man could walk out a winner.
With three impressive victories this month and a move into the British title divsion, Gunn is undoubtedly one to watch in the coming months!
Scott Renwick
NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion

Still standing at the top of the mountain in SWA, Renwick has had to face a lot of heat as he’s become the main target of Eric Canyon who wants nothing more than to have one of his selected talents take the title from him, which caused some uproar at After Hours when Canyon paid the referee to turn a blind eye to Wolfgangs actions. Despite all the odds being against him, Renwick was able to retain at After Hours just as he did in Uddingston and has shown there is no stopping Renwick from staying right where he is, as NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion.
Johnny Moss
Perhaps the most dominating man to ever step inside an SWA ring, Johnny Moss has been a true powerhouse and an unstoppable force in the Scottish Wrestling Alliance from day one. He seems more huge every time we lay eyes on him and with that size only comes more power and more proof that he’s determined to take back the NWA British title.
My pick to win it all – hey, it’s a safe bet – every time Moss steps in the ring we not only get a masterpiece of wrestling we get to see true brute power take complete control of any opponent. He’s not entirely unbeatable, but he’s damn close and deserves to be top of the list!


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