Six of the Best: Volume 11

Awright, I’ve been told I’m getting edited from now on so I cannae get every word that isn’t English through the word filter. Considering I write how I speak, it’s going to be a nightmare for our editors but I hope you non-Scots reading will be able to understand me now.
So on with the list.
I’ve only seen one show through the winter break SWA’s had so this time I’m looking at the guys I look forward to seeing kick some booty through the year. So lets start at the top.
Scott ‘The Butcher’ Renwick
NWA Scottish Heavyweight Champion

He’s been seen on Source through the winter break SWA’s had and so far he’s proved himself to be a worthy champ. Back in October he made his presense known with his first appearance as champion since winning at the Gathering and all the way through he’s been a delight to see.
Not only is he a great wrestler, but he’s a lovely guy you can help but cheer for. With newcoming talent like Johnny Moss and Fergal Devitt, and the increasing dominance of Johnny Moss and Jester, it’ll be interesting to see how he’d handle himself in the ring in the coming months.
Plus I’m sure Wolfgang and Lionheart aren’t done with him yet and I wouldn’t mind seeing him stomp allover them. Maybe bring their ego’s down a peg or three.
This guys weird. Seriously mental weird.
Where I come from, if I see a guy like him walking down the street I’ll cross the road. And his women, weirder. They wear more PVC than I’ve seen outside a pay per view channel and scare the bejesus out of me.
But you know what? The guys brilliant. It’s nae surprise he’s been on the road more than any wrestler in Scotland and racked up more ring time than most can dream of. He’s got a lot of talent and I can see him going far, with another title reign or two, maybe more.
I’d love to see whit he’ll be doing this year.
Damien O’Conor
SWA Laird of the Ring Champion

He gained the Laird title at the Gathering on the same night his tag partner took home the NWA Scottish title and just like Renwick, O’Conor’s been using the winter break to rack up some victories in Source, keeping himself warm until March 6th when SWA gets back to work.
He’s come a long way from his humble beginnings, and even then he was racking up tag team gold as part of the Shamrockers. The Irish star’s got a lot of momentum, and is getting bigger and better as the years go on.
With a title to hold onto and a roster full of challengers I’m curious to see how long he can hold onto his title and who could be the man to finally take it off him.
STI: William Grange & Dicky Divers
SWA Tag Team Champions

I’m cheating and adding a team in here, but after they shocked us all and stole the titles back at Battlezone they’ve been racking up wins in singles competition as well as tag team action ever since.
They’re an unlikely tag team. but since they were paired up by Eric Canyon they’ve proven themselves to be incredibly talented champions to are going to be hard to beat. So who will wipe the smug grins of their faces?
I’ll be keeping an eye on them to find out.
Falcon & Black Samurai Jr
Alright, I’m cheating twice.
Samurai’s a weird one, newcomer to British wrestling but obviously has some talent gained back home in Japan and Falcon, well he’s always been phenomenal.
It’s a relatively new team, but I’m hoping this is the duo who takes out the champs.
Disagree with any of this? Thats what the comments box is for!

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